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Interested in joining as a volunteer therapist?

Building a Better Tomorrow

Greater Chicago TRN is currently seeking mental health clinicians to join our team. If you are EMDR Certified and/or have completed EMDR Basic Training (Part 1 and 2 plus 10 hours of consultation) by an EMDRIA approved program, please register on the HAP website to be considered as a volunteer.  Next, fill out the on line form below. Your application will be reviewed for consideration as a member of our team.


  • Must be a licensed or intern-registered mental health practitioner in private practice. If you work at an agency, you will need an agency agreement authorizing treatment at your agency and coverage of malpractice insurance.

  • Completion of Basic Training with copy of Basic Training Certificate of Completion. The Certificate of Completion verifies that you have completed Basic Training Part 1 and 2 in addition to 10 hours of consultation.

  • Basic Training was received by an EMDRIA approved training program.

  • If you received training prior to 2007, you must verify that you currently obtained or are willing to obtain additional training to update your knowledge about EMDR Basic Training.

  • Agree to adhere to use of basic EMDR Standard Protocol (priority requirement of this membership).

  • Agree to complete Recent-Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP) training in near future.

  • Maintain Malpractice Insurance. 

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