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Here at Chicago Trauma Recovery Network (TRN), we are committed to helping people heal after man made disasters,  gun violence, homicide or natural disaster. We serve both victims of such events and the first responders who come to their aid.  We are a chapter of EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs (HAP), an international non-profit organization dedicated to Humanitarian Assistance.  Greater Chicago TRN provides volunteer licensed, EMDR trained, mental health providers to help those affected by trauma.

Touching the Surface

Prevent PTSD

After a disaster, the effects of exposure to emotional trauma can linger and interfere with a person's ability to return to normal life.  Brief EMDR treatments can help to alleviate common symptoms of acute stress and prevent PTSD.

Get Involved and Help Illinois Heal

Partner with Us


We welcome partnerships with hospitals, government agencies, community organizations, and community based clinics.  

Volunteer Your Time


If you are a licensed mental health provider in Illinois and trained in EMDR, please join our team!  Go to, apply as a volunteer and then link your profile to the Greater Chicago TRN.

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